Travel Insurance
You are strongly advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover all persons in your party. Be sure your policy provides for an air ambulance back home, ALL medical bills, injury from sports activities, and, if you are driving to your holiday destination, replacing and/or bringing your car home.

Travel Money

Travel Money Services – Provide an independent currency exchange company, Travel Money Services allows customers to capitalise on improved rates by booking in advance. In particular, the company specialises in offering exchange rates in Euros, US dollars, Australian dollars and New Zealand dollars. You can exchange any amount of money from £500 to £10,000 in both cash and traveller's cheques, with reduced rates for exchanges in excess of £2,500 and for amounts over £10,000 cash can be redirected to your bank account. It is also possible to choose your own delivery date, and the company offers an exclusive buy back service.
  • Do not travel with large amounts of cash. Split what cash you have with other members of your party.
  • Always take travellers cheques and remember to keep a note of their numbers in a separate travel bag/location to the cheques.
  • Take some cash in local currency as you may need it for airport transfer etc.
  • Ensure your credit cards do not expire before your return, and if applicable, check your balance against your credit limit to ensure you have enough funds for you requirements.
  • Some credit and charge cards will refuse payment if there is a marked change in your usual pattern of spending so it is worth notifying them that you are travelling abroad.
  • Keep a separate note of all your card numbers, and do not keep the note with the cards. Your bank will be able to help you with all of the above.
  • Ensure you have enough funds to cover emergencies.
  • Whilst on holiday, do not carry all your cards, cash or travel cheques with you. Take what you need and leave the rest is a safe place in your holiday accommodation, ideally in 4 separate places, that way if you do get robbed it's unlikely they'll find it all!
  • To convert your money use the Personal Currency Assistant™ Currency Converter link

Driving Licence
If you are travelling in your car or intend to hire a car on holiday, check your driving licence does not expire before you return. You may use your GB licence for driving in all other European Community/European Economic Area [EC/EEA] member states, although the green version may not be accepted in Italy or Spain. Check with a motoring organisation if you want to drive in a non-EC/EEA country. They will advise you whether you need an International Driving Permit [IDP]. IDPs are issued by the AA, the RAC, RSAC and Green Flag National Breakdown Recovery Club. You must be resident in GB, have passed a driving test and be over 18 years of age.

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