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Listing your property details below should be a straightforward process but to avoid any connection problems submitting your property details on this form and subsequently losing any unique information while connected to the internet, we suggest you bookmark this page to enable you to work off-line and set the text for each section in a separate application (or notepad) and save it. Then go back online, re-access this page and copy and paste the information into the relevant sections and press the Submit button. If text is pre-formatted to style for publication then you can also send or amend text copy via E-mail for us to layout or amend for you. Please also attach up to 12 pictures as .jpg attachments (290 - 470 pixels) to E-mails and allow 48 hours for your advertisement to appear on the Internet.

Remember - The more interesting or unique information you give to us, the better chance there is of being bookmarked, attracting interest or getting bookings for your property! Give us as much up to date information as you can as updates are free. Although we may create external links to advertisers personal property websites visitors should have full details onsite and so be encouraged to make enquiries quickly and simply through Internet Holiday Villas. Since we provide a professional in house design, advertising and marketing consultancy service we encourage owners to contact us directly to review, update and make suggestions or amendments to advertisements throughout the subscription years.

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We strongly believe that guests looking for a holiday property wish to see photographs above all else. In view of this we do not publish any advertisement without photographs.

1. Digital photographs. (This is preferred method). You may supply up to 12 photographs (jpeg's) with captions of your property. 2 will be featured on the main advertisement page, and up to 10 more can be featured on the "More Pictures" page linked to your main page. You can use this "More Pictures" page to show kitchen, bedroom or any other part of your property, and it is also an opportunity to show pictures of the local area such as beach, downtown etc.

We can take photos direct from your web site if you have one - please check this box if you prefer this option.
Take picture from website. (Ensure your site address is included in details below). If you have any preferences to which pictures we use, please e-mail details or captions to us.

If you do not have a web site, submit your photographs as attachments to the e-mail address shown below. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME WITHIN THE E-MAIL TO ENABLE US TO FILE YOUR PICTURES WITH YOUR TEXT.
Please check this box if you are sending pictures by E-mail - click on link to send photos: E-mail

Or, you may send up to 10 digital images by post, preferably on CD to address below. CD should be accompanied by a print (colour or black and white) of each picture included on disk with a caption written for each picture. Clearly mark your NAME on the CD, and your name and address on the back on the sending envelope. CD will not be returned unless requested.
Please check this box if you are sending DIGITAL images by surface mail.

2. Printed photographs. Printed photographs or slides - (negatives are not accepted without prints), by surface mail addressed to: Internet Holiday Villas. Full address by application only. Info may not be used to send any innapropriate mail. N.B. Innapropriate use of forms or info on the site is not allowed.
Please ensure you write senders name and address on the back of the envelope.
Please ensure you write a caption and your name on the back of each photo.
If you wish to have your photos returned, please enclose an addressed envelope.
Please check this box if you are sending PRINTED pictures by surface mail.

HEADING: Please enter a brief description of your property - no more than 20 words IN CAPITAL LETTERS PLEASE.
DESCRIPTION: (Enter text from here in Upper & lower case - NOT CAPITALS) Please enter details of your property i.e. Main Description of your holiday property, type or name of property, features and location. Accommodation, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sleeps 9 etc., reception rooms, kitchen, Outdoors, pool, patio, garden. suitability for adults and children etc.,
SPECIAL ITEMS: Please describe or list any special items or features that may add to guests enjoyment of your holiday rental i.e. use of car, golf club, internet, jacuzzi, sauna, BBQ, etc., or special items for family holidays such as playstation, bikes etc., or local special interest items. Also suitability or accessibility for disabled etc.
LOCATION AND AMENITIES: Please enter details of property location i.e. Villa location, close to town centre, sandy beach, theme park, golf or country club, sports venue and other attractions etc. with local amenities such as restaurants, shops, supermarkets, cinemas, theatres, places of interest, museums, sports facilities, local events, nightlife etc., plus local car hire or boat hire, fishing trips etc.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND LINKS: Please enter any additional info or services not included in above sections that you wish to add such as nearest airports, ferries, stations, transport, distances, seasonal weather, local map, directions etc. Acceptance /refusal of pets. Plus links (at our discretion unless reciprocal) to your own property web site and or availability calendar PID* if you have one. This section can be omitted if you have no more information to add, just enter NONE in this text field.

RENTAL RATES: Please enter seasonal rates or dates information. Specify if rates are DAILY or WEEKLY. Specify currency of rates . Please present rates in standard format below.
Weekly rates in GBP£, Euros€ or USD$.
1 December - 31 May 2001: £350 (Low )
June - 31 August 2001: £550 (Peak )
September - 31 November: £450 (Med)
Christmas to New Year: £650 (High)
Special weeks: Film Festival/Grand Prix: £1985

RENTAL RATES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please add any additional information about rates and availability i.e. deposits, payment methods, refunds, fees & taxes, cleaners, etc., plus if unavailable at any time of year i.e. Christmas, and/or rate surcharges for special items or times of year, and if your property is subject to a minimum rental period. Please ensure any additional costs to rental charges are stated.

CONTACT DETAILS: Please enter details of how customer can contact you direct for availability and booking - your Name, Telephone number (Country or code), Fax number, and/or mailing address if you wish, along with your Country of residence and language spoken, and/or any other contact details of your choice.

Please enter your E-mail address in this separate field for booking referrals.

PROPERTY LOCATION: To enable us to link to MapQuest or other location maps please include your properties Full Postal Address including Postcode/Zipcode

Short TITLE and Description paragraph with Essential Info for Regional index.
Name and or Type of property, Location (State Region, County, City), Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, Sleeps up to number, Main points, Garden, Swimming pool, Neighborhood etc.
Prices From £000 to £000 per week.

AVAILABILITY CALENDAR: If you use a holiday rental Availability Calendar from a third party such as please enter your *PID number or link here. If not leave blank. Please note that it is owners responsibility to keep availability calendars up to date and respond to enquiries. We may provide access to agents booking and reservation calendar if required.
for our contact database use only (your details will not be given to any other company)

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Holiday Rental advertising subscriptions by PayPal currently include a 25%

Payment for advertising should be made within 14 days of submitting property details to ensure uninterrupted publication, advertising and marketing of your property with free updates for 12 months. Property owners or agents should register an account with PayPal or opt to pay by cheque or other method and verify billing address and telephone number by E-mail.

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