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Why you should advertise your property with Internet Holiday Villas

We offer one standard 12 month advertising subscription package with no hidden costs or extra charges for pictures, updates or for sending booking enquiries direct to owner of holiday rental property.

By advertising your property listing on Internet Holiday you will be appearing on a quality holiday rental website that is the number 1 choice for Advertising Holiday Villas Worldwide reaching millions of holiday seekers 24/7.

All submitted and approved subscription listings will be professionally optimised and marketed for worldwide visitors looking for holiday homes, villas, apartments and other self catering vacation rental accommodation on the Internet.

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12 Month Subscription GBP £ Euros € USD $
1 Property Subscription £74 £65 €98 €69 $145 $88
2 Property Subscriptions £49 €73 €56 $107 $68
Prices going up in April but now include 2 websites for the price of 1.
Full page description with free updates
More pictures page
Up to 12 pictures with free updates
Universal calendar
Editorial corrections
Ad optimization
Advice & support
Monthly Newsletter
Reciprocal link
Booking fee
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Prices are quoted in £GBP, any other currencies are approximated using Currency Converter

Advertise your property on Internet Holiday Villas
Reach a wider audience 24/7.
Benefit from over 5,000 visitors or 25,000 hits per day
Get your property seen and noticed on The Internet.
Get more enquiries.
Generate a rental income from your holiday home from £1 a week.
Register now and List your Property straightaway.

What are you waiting for?

 Take out a subscription before July and we can give you a listing on new site as well ( is a prime website for holiday villas and vacation rentals direct from owners worldwide listing all types of quality holiday villas, self catering holiday homes, apartments, condos, country cottages, mountain cabins, ski chalets, castles, chateaux, gites, holiday homes and vacation Property Rentals by owners throughout the world.

An established holiday villa and vacation rental website
Internet Holiday Villas went online in Spring 2001 and its pages can now be found at the top of all the major search engines. Since 8 out of 10 internet users use search engines and portals to find information they want it means that your property details will be easy to find when listed on our site as we have top organic or sponsored listings on top search engines such as google who review our listings every day.

For instance a typical search for Internet Holiday Villas on the web
produces the following results among the billions of pages now on the web: listing of no 1 on the 1st page.
Ask returns no 1 and 2 on the 1st page. listing at no 1 on 1st page. listing at no 1 on the 1st page of results. returns no 1 on the 1st page. returns no 1 on the 1st page. returns no 1 on the 1st page. returns no 1 on the 1st page. returns no 1 and 2 on the 1st page.
and many other search engines and web portals.

We are number 1 for "Advertising Villas Worldwide" in Yahoo and for an increasing number of other search terms such as:
Australia holiday villas, Bali holiday villa, Caribbean holiday villas, Canada holiday villas, France holiday Villas, France holiday rentals, Costa Blanca holiday villas, Costa Rica holiday villas, California holiday villas, Central Florida holiday villas, West Florida holiday villas, USA holiday villas, Hawaiian holiday villas, Thailand holiday villa, Thailand villa rentals, Turks and Caicos holiday villa, New Zealand holiday villa rental and many more locations and individual property advertisements.

We are number 1 for "Advertising Villas" in Google and get 100's of page 1 rankings and are number 1 in the world for Advertising Villas worldwide, Holiday Villas Hawaii, Caribbean Holiday Villa, Internet Villas, Internet Holiday, Holiday check lists, DMC Villa Holidays and Holiday Villas Worldwide in google and other search engines a typical search for will shows up hundreds or 1000's of our links.

A typical search for much sought after words like Holiday Villas produces the following: returns no 1 on the 1st page. returns no 1 on the 1st page. returns no 2 on the 1st page. returns no 2 on the 1st page. returns a no 7 listing on the first page of results. returns no 7 on the 1st page. returns no 1 on the 2nd page. no 1 on the 2nd page. listing is top of 2nd page. returns no 5 on the 1st page. listing is no 1 & 2 on the 1st page (adding dmc). also lists us number 1 on the 1st page for

As well as natural or highly evolved organic search engine rankings for worldwide vacation rentals or holiday villas in Caribbean, Thailand, Spain, France, California, central Florida, Maui, Kauai and other attractive places you will often find us among the many sponsored listings or banners at the top of pages or margins of search engines and other related pages from time to time driving traffic to owners properties.

Each property has 2 unique website addresses on internet holiday villas that may also be found at the top of search engine listings shortly after inclusion on internet holiday villas.

We have many multi media advertising campaigns including the Sunday Times and Spanish Holidays Guide brochures that will feature links to Internet Holiday Villas properties througout the year. We have strong working links with all info and our ads, logos, banners or links are often to be found on several thousand pages of the network every day and on nearly every page of some websites such as Inn Rentals or all info about. We also have banners or links on 24 hour property websites such as London Property for Rent, House for rent London, Flat for sale London and House for sale London that show many of our properties to the London market and have banners and links with dozens of other websites that are too numerous to mention on this page. You may also be seen on our newer website in the New Year.

We are adding new paid-for, sponsored, featured and enhanced search engine listings daily (gaining millions of impressions and thousand of click throughs in google!). In 2003 we averaged over 4.5 million hits in mid summer but have now risen to well over 25,000 hits a day. We trust that we will continue to increase the number of visitors and booking enquiries over the coming years to more than satisfy the current owners and their neighbours books. So we are looking for new rental properties to supply the holiday demands of over 5,000 visitors a day or 2 million visitors a year.

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Other sites in the market may charge 3 times as much and offer far less pro rata exposure or response in return and you generally have to make up and maintain your own page ads without any human interest or designer to help you. We have a very professional or traditional hands on approach to all aspects of the design and marketing of your property and we endeavour to continually optimise property listings of subscribers that we individually list throughout the year. No other holiday villa vacation site will offer you so much value for money or even create your ad from scratch based on your existing website if required. Besides after the first years set up and advertising fee the price actually goes down by which time you should be attracting repeat customers planning further holidays.

With hundreds rather than thousands of properties online 24 hours a day visitors seeing your property are just a few clicks away from making a dream holiday villa booking come true at your property courtesy of Internet Holiday advertising and marketing services.

Some areas may still have very few Villa listings but are attracting incredible levels of interest so by adding your property in an up and coming area NOW, you will start at the top of the listing which substantially increases your chances of getting a booking. (We also rotate top positions and offer prime locations on site or on our newsletter). If we do not have a section for your property location yet then we will just add it wherever it may be.

Property for sale
As well as holiday rentals we also have a Property for Sale section for those looking to buy or sell overseas property or those considering their own home in the Costa Blanca, France, Florida, Caribbean, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria or other areas.

What will you get for your money?
We aim to keep things simple with one main package that includes the following:

Regional Listing
page that shows basic details of all properties within that regional location with a link to your Main advertisement pages and additional picture pages.

Main Property listing details Page shows main pictures with main description of property with several hundred words of text, plus links to Maps, Availability calendar, Currency converter and non commercial websites. - PLUS, we strongly believe that people looking for holiday properties want to see pictures above all else, so for NO EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL you can have an extra page.

The More Pictures Page!
May contains a further 10 pictures plus map. This is more than you'll get for free on other holiday web sites and far better value for money than you'll get from print or brochure advertising costing hundreds if not thousands, so by advertising with internet holiday villas you will get an attractive easy to use two page website brochure advertisement with 12 colour pictures for less than the cost of sending a postcard every day.

To advertise all you have to do is fill out all the property details on the 'submit property form' return link at the bottom of this page and attach some photographs and your web pages will be published on Internet Holiday Villas as soon as it has been checked and (PayPal preferred) payment has been approved.

The rest of your unique advertising page will give full information about your property from copy you supply to us (we can optimise the text for you and take instructions over the phone if you do not have computer access) but we require written copy under these categories:

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1. Fill in details required under following headings.



Full description of your holiday property - location, property type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, sleeping number. Main features.
Internal Accommodation, living rooms, bedroom, ensuite, bathroom, suitability for adults and children etc., Outside: Pool, garden, terrace.

Any specific special items that may add to your holiday tenants enjoyment of their use of your villa such as free use of car or boat, any special luxury items such as Jacuzzi, sauna etc., or items for children such as playstation, bikes etc., and local special interest items, plus suitability for disabled etc.

Details of property location i.e. close to beach, town centre, theme park, golf or country club, beach club etc., description of local amenities such as shops, supermarkets, cinemas, theatres, places of interest, museums, sports facilities, local events etc., plus local car hire or boat hire, fishing trips etc.

Any additional information not included in above sections that you may wish to add such as nearest airport, acceptance of pets or any specific rules relating to pets, plus a link to your own property web site if you have one. (We cannot link to commercial sites). Plus a link to location map or MapQuest.

Period 1. 06th Jan '07 - 24th Mar '07. GBP £795
Period 2. 24th Mar '07 - 28th Apr '07. GBP £995
Your property rental rates along with any additional information about rates and availability i.e. deposits, local taxes, etc., plus if unavailable at any time of year i.e. Christmas, and/or rate surcharges for special times of year, plus define high/low season. We have also included a link to a currency converter, and if you have an availability calendar with, we can provide a link to your calendar or sign up for free.

Details of how customer can contact you direct - your e-mail address (with link), telephone number, fax number, and/or mailing address if required, along with your country of residence and language spoken, or any other contact details of your choice.


2. Send up to 12 pictures

Our art editor will then review your advertising copy and pictures for the web.

All being well your advertisement will usually appear online within 36 hours but depends on amount of preparation work we have to do.

Advertising Rates

So what will all this cost?
We offer a simple annual subsription package for your holiday rental. No hidden costs, no extra charges for pictures or updates.

Standard advertising rate for 12 month subscriptions

12 Month Subscription GBP £ Euros € USD $
1 Property Subscription £74 £65 €98 €69 $145 $88
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Prices are quoted in £GBP, any other currencies are approximated using Currency Converter at time of listing.

Our standard rate subscription renewals are a bargain investment and we trust that you will value the extra service and bookings you receive from Internet Holiday Villas. If you are not entirely satisfied with your performance then contact us for a complete review of your advertisement.

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Same special rate for subscriptions and renewals
Subscription renewals or subscriptions taken out via PayPal will remain at special discount rate indefinitely and entitle owner to a free review and update of all details, prices, pictures, upgrades, and links during subscription period.

Please contact us if you prefer to make subscription payments by cheque or bank transfer.

Premium Rate inclusion on multiple websites.

Additional Services GBP£ Per week Per month Per year
Special feature advertisement £ POA £ 20.00 £ POA
Pay Per Click advertising £ POA £ POA £ POA
Newsletter advertisement £ POA £ 20.00 £ POA
Premium listing package £ n/a £ POA £125 £95

Please note that a Premium Rated package has been introduced to give valued subscribers and multiple property owners and property managers the extra value of an all inclusive package with access to tailored property management facilities that benefit from years of experience of a dedicated team. Your property will also be included on our sister site IVH. For further information please contact

Advertising on Internet Holiday Villas is great value for money considering we professionally design, layout and optimize each ad for you after submission (some sites charge you a fortune for this tailored service), plus you get up to 12 pictures with changes or alterations at no extra cost and all encompassed on a well designed, user-friendly site.

If you would like to advertise your rental property on Internet Holiday Villas NOW please submit your details on the 'list your property' advertising form, attach up to 12 pictures (.jpeg format) to an E-mail and we will publish your property details as soon as it has been through our quality control checks. Please note that all payments for property advertising are required within 14 days of submission or publication date in order for us to fully optimise, advertise and market your property effectively.

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