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The following holiday checklist is for items you could include in your hand luggage or carry on board an aircraft and is intended as a vacation packing guide only to help ensure you do not forget anything vital for your holiday. Because everybody has differen needs our holiday list cannot cover everything and some things may not apply to you or the countries you visit. Hence we have included empty tick boxes for you to add your own specific items that may want to include for your own holiday checklist.


Please note it is OWNERS responsibility to ensure hand luggage is packed properly and not tampered with before airport check in and to ensure you have ALL your documents and understand baggage restrictions before travelling as we cannot be held responsible for any items that may be missing, incorrect or not allowed on these holiday lists. This list is a GUIDE ONLY. N.B. Please make sure your bags are secure and follow airline guidelines for weight or size and other restrictions on content etc.

Holiday checklist for hand luggage:
Hand luggage size 56cm x 45cm x 25cm
Up to date Passports and Visas
Travel Itinerary/Villa/reservation info etc
Wallet/Purse/Money belt
Cash/Credit cards
Foreign currency
Travellers Cheques
Travel insurance policy
Driving licence
Photo ID
Other identification
Mobile phone/ call cards / charger
Pen / notebook
Address lists for emergencies/postcards.
Home and car keys
Luggage keys
Containers under 100 ml in polythene bag
Clear 20cm x 20cm resealable plastic bag
Medication - specify:
Medical prescription(s)
If you're a smoker, pack nicotine patches
Other useful items:
Moist anti-bac wipes
Lip Salve
Reading matter - books/magazines
Camera and ALL unexposed film
Foreign language phrase book
Guide book /destination map
Children's items/games - specify:


Holiday check list for main baggage:
Vacation packing check lists for flights
Travel kit bag
A basic first aid kit
A basic sewing kit
Toiletries/wash bag
Shaving kit
Identification label inside and out
Easy Identification strap or tag

Items not allowed in flight hand luggage
Containers that won't fit in 1 plastic bag
All Liquids or Containers over 100ml also
Spray deodorants
Plastic bag for liquids etc.
Items below are also for Baggage hold only
ANY sharp metallic items
Scissors, multi tools, corkscrew etc.
Ensure items are safe to travel or carry
Any other items for main luggage
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Planning to go abroad

Remember to allow extra time for security checks for flights to and from UK, EU, USA and many other airports and note new security restrictions for Hand Luggage:
Each passenger can usually only carry ONE item of hand baggage through the airport security search check point with a maximum hand luggage size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Please remember that any other bags, such as handbags, laptops bags etc. (that may be allowed by certain airlines like BA) may only be carried within the single item of cabin baggage and some hand luggage may not fit in overhead lockers for flights on smaller city airport planes. (Check beforehand for exceptions such as for violins or larger instruments that may require the purchase of extra seat).

Certain items such as liquids may only be allowed if container capacity is less than 100ml (including perfumes, sprays and aerosols) and they must be put in a single transparent resealable plastic bag approx 20cm x 20cm. (Small freezer bag size). Anything outside these limits will NOT be allowed in your hand luggage but may be allowed in hold luggage.

If you want to take larger containers of liquids or aerosol cans on flights please remember to put all liquid items and also any sharp items into your hold baggage before checking in. This includes water and other drinks, creams, sprays, spray deodorants, lotions, pastes, toothpaste and gels. (Please note that some liquids can still be purchased in duty free and departure areas). All sharp items will also have to be put in hold baggage beforehand.

If in doubt about what you may carry on board and what has to be placed in hold luggage then please contact local Department of transport or other authorities.

IMPORTANT: See AIR SAFETY section on Travel Advice page regarding items you may take on board an aircraft.
*Aspirin has been suggested to reduce chances of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). *Check with your Doctor /Pharmacist before use.

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