Why should you advertise with InternetHolidayVillas?

We are now a prime web site for holiday/vacation rentals.

As an established website, Internet Holiday Villas is found on the first two pages of all the major search engines.

For instance:

A search for 'Internet Holiday Villas' produces listing at no 1 on the first page of results listing at no 1 on first page listing of no 2 on the first page returns no 1 on the first page returns no 1 on the first page returns no 19 on the second page

For a search of 'Holiday Villas' returns a no 4 listing on the first page of results returns no 7 on the first page returns no 19 on the second page returns no 19 on the second page returns no 20 on the second page

There is also currently an advertising campaign running on where an advert for the villas site is featured on
every page of the network.

We are adding new paid-for sponsored, featured and enhanced search engine listings daily. In 2003 we received over 4.5 million hits which will substantially increase over the next few monthsand years.
Other sites with this much exposure will cost you double our fees, plus you will have to make up and maintain your site. We do it all for you. No other holiday/vacation site offers you so much value for money.

Some locations have very few listings at present so by adding your property NOW, you will not be lost among hundreds of others, you will be at the very top of the listing which substantially increases your chance of response. If we do not have a section for your property location, no problem, we'll add one.

What will you get for your money?

We aim to keep things simple. One package for all.
Within that package you'll get an intro panel on the Area Listing page that shows all properties within that location, with a link to your advertisement.
On your ad you can have 2 pictures of your property on the main page, plus links to MapQuest and availability calendar - PLUS, we strongly believe that people looking for holiday properties want to see pictures above all else, so for NO EXTRA CHARGE AT ALL you can have an extra page of up to 8 more pictures! This is more than you'll get on any other holiday web site, and far more than you'll ever get from brochure advertising, and much more of what visitors want to see.

The rest of your advertising page will give full information about your property from copy you supply to us (we cannot write copy for you) under these categories:

DESCRIPTION: Extensive description of your holiday property - property type, number of bedrooms, sleeping facilities, kitchen description, bathrooms, suitability for adults and children etc., lounge and pool description, entertainment facilities.

SPECIAL ITEMS: Any specific special items that may add to your holiday tenants enjoyment of their use of your villa such as free use of car or boat, any special luxury items such as Jacuzzi, sauna etc., or items for children such as playstation, bikes etc., and local special interest items, plus suitability for disabled etc.

LOCATION AND AMENITIES: Details of property location i.e. close to beach, town centre, theme park, golf or country club, beach club etc., description of local amenities such as shops, supermarkets, cinemas, theatres, places of interest, museums, sports facilities, local events etc., plus local car hire or boat hire, fishing trips etc.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND LINKS: Any additional information not included in above sections that you may wish to add such as nearest airport, acceptance of pets or any specific rules relating to pets, plus a link to your own property web site if you have one. (We cannot link to commercial sites). Plus a link to MapQuest.

RENTAL RATES: Your property rental rates along with any additional information about rates and availability i.e. deposits, local taxes, etc., plus if unavailable at any time of year i.e. Christmas, and/or rate surcharges for special times of year, plus define high/low season. We have also included a link to a currency converter, and if you have an availability calendar with, we can provide a link to your calendar or sign up for free.

BOOKING CONTACT INFORMATION: Details of how customer can contact you direct - your e-mail address (with link), telephone number, fax number, and/or mailing address if required, along with your country of residence and language spoken, or any other contact details of your choice.

OK, so what will all this cost?

Again one simple package for all. No hidden costs, no extra charges.
All this for 12 months at a flat rate of just £74/$110/€108.
Great value for money considering we make up your ad for you (some sites charge you a fortune for this service), plus you get up to 10 pictures, changes or alterations at no extra cost, and all encompassed on a well designed, user-friendly site.